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Welcome to the Premier Edition of Creative-Journal's Monthly Newsletter! Subscription response has been overwhelming - Thank You! It's good to know that I am in such good company in my passion for the journaling process.

Be sure to let me know if you have any ideas for the Daily Question and to let our fellow journalers know about this newsletter.

At the beginning of every month, I will endeavor to bring you information, articles, tips and resources to enhance your journaling process. I invite your suggestions - let me know what you want to see here.

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<Adapted from an excerpt from Journal Journey's Mini-Course>

Corinne Pratz 2001

Journaling should not feel like a daily weight around your neck with the same feel of obligation as doing the dishes. If it becomes like this it's definitely time for you to revamp the process. If you don't do the following, consider incorporating them into your journaling process to get more out of this time.

Set A Time Frame -

Whether you have a couple of hours to dedicate to journaling a day or only ten minutes, setting a regular pattern is important. Some prefer mornings before the day gets going and others write better in the evening as things are coming to a close. I'm not sure that there's a better time than another - everyone is different. Whatever the case is for you, slot this time off for yourself alone. Consider getting up a little earlier in the morning or taking time out in your own space after the kids are in bed. Lunch hours can work too providing you have an environment that will see you focused on your writing for the allotted time and not what you have to accomplish in the afternoon. Set an as specific amount of time as you can for this process at a time of day that you are most likely going to be able to write consistently. Then stick with this. Over time you will become conditioned to allow creative flow at this time of day just as you probably feel hungry at lunch time.

Find the Right Place -

Trying to journal at the kitchen table while the kids are running around or at your work desk when the phone could ring or someone could show up at any time will end up more in an exercise in futility and frustration. The busy office, kid's playground or the shopping center are not prime locations for journal writing! The key is to find a place where it is comfortable, quiet and distraction free. You need to be able to concentrate without your flow being interrupted. Pick a place that has a comfy chair, a warm environment and your favorite things around you. Wherever you feel most comfortable is the place you want to be. If the only place you can get a half an hour to yourself is in the bathtub or in your car, go for it.

Use Tools that Feel Good -

While you're reading this via email and can gain a lot of information using your keyboard, I highly recommend that you use a journaling book and pen to answer the Daily Questions. The flow of your hand across paper inadvertently unlocks creative flow. Choose a book you really like and a pen that rolls smoothly over the paper. Keep all of your writing in one place.

Avoid Playing Music While You Journal -

All forms of music invoke emotional responses, especially if you have memories associated to certain recordings. While it can be a valuable tool if you are trying to evoke a specific emotion so you can work out an issue (playing 'your' song to encourage writing about that special someone), it's not apt to be helpful for regular journaling.

Try a New Scent -

Incorporating a little aromatherapy into your journaling time can be very helpful. The sense of smell is unprecedented. I often recommend that people choose a brand new scent in the form of a candle or essential oil to be used only for the time you journal. Your body will become attuned to this scent and unconsciously connect it to writing in a pretty short amount of time. The smell alone will get you raring to journal. Just be sure that you choose a smell that is new! Selecting something you already associate will not be nearly as effective. Some relaxing scents are lavender, vanilla, jasmine, rose and basil.

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REVIEW: Website

If you are looking for the perfect online journal for you, this is definitely the place to go. There are lists of every kind of journal group and site to be had.

This site hosts email, contests, prompts and a message forum. Even if you just want to do a little reading, this place has it. Be sure to visit the links section - there's a lot of info there!


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