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APRIL'S CONTEST(Extended from March)!!

Finish this sentence: I think the presentation of personal journals as evidence in a court trial is ...

Keep your entry between 200-400 words maximum and send it to:

April Contest

The winning narrative will be awarded with a Deluxe Set of Journal Prompt Cards from Creative-Journal!

Contest for this month closes April 25, 2001. The winning entry will be featured here and in May's newsletter!

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Creative-Journal's Writer's Survey

February 2001 Winning Entry

You were asked: How has journaling changed your life?

CONGRATULATIONS to Jenny White for her touching, honest and very real account of the role journaling has had in her life. Jenny's entry wins her an Online Journaling Course from Creative-Journal of her choice!

The Winning Entry:

Comfort and Growth

"From a young age I had used words on paper, writing down my hopes, fears, gripes and gratitudes. Spasmodic at times, certainly, but my journal was always a friend waiting to listen and help me clarify the events and emotions of my life.

Several years ago, while in a less than satisfactory relationship, I fell pregnant. There was no choice for me at that time, already bringing up two children on my own, and with a so-called 'partner' who emotionally absented himself from the situation and avoided commitment of any form.

The abortion hit me harder than anything I had ever previously experienced, including two failed marriages. Overwhelming sadness, disappointment in myself, the ever-present voice in my head that asked WHY?

Thoughts of suicide, led me to a therapist. During two years of therapy, I turned to my journal for solace and understanding. The volumes filled at that time are proof that I was not going insane. I was merely stumbling my way through a labyrinth of pain, caused by the knowledge that I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse.

With the aid of my journal, I learned to talk to and comfort that wounded and terrified inner child. I learned to face the darkest shadows, the saddest truths, and discover liberating answers.

I am still learning who I am. The journey is long and often frightening, but at least I am alive, travelling with my friend, my journal."

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