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Internet Marketing is the next landmark in the advertising industry

I am a dad and I am really ashamed that I didn’t go to my daughter for the idea. I have to recap a little bit here and introduce myself. So I will now introduce myself and the name is not necessary and the profession is. I am the head marketing consultant for a fortune five hundred company and the company expects no market share loss due to the advertisement or reach in the public and I think there cannot be more ideas floating around other than the idea of getting the product in the market and there is no one who thinks that the ideal situation is the best in some place and the ideal statutes are never going come easy and we have to keep in mind the ideal scenario.

So the market share was dwindling because the people don’t take the billboards seriously and the hooking up on the product due to television ads is also coming down to earth because the number television audience hasshrieked to almost nothing now because there is Netflix and HBO go etc.I was in a big trouble to figure out the advertisement reached people and I couldn’t get any because the people weren’t around the media through which the ads are being circulated and the circulation is weakening too because of that and I think there couldn’t be any more harsh of a day in a life of marketing manager than the day when he realizes that there is no more job for him because the field had disappeared and he will just have to make do with the dust and hay in the field and that is not the nicest way to go.

You really have to try to understand the field shift and I was clobber brain because I couldn’t find the filed because my daughter and all her friends in the school knew about it and I think I had to be more open minded to these approaches because with eyes closed I will lose all the opportunities there is and I think there might also be a lot of other things to care about. Everyone was crazy over internet and mostly they are after the social networking websites and they are thriving and I think that is the new marketplace and there should be all the marketing done for the people and I think this way because I have got the ideal formula on this and I think internet marketing is the way to go and I was back on track with the help of my daughter.