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Creative-Journal Submission Guidelines

Welcome! Thank you for your interest in writing for Creative-Journal.

Providing insightful and informative articles, narratives, tips lists and resources for journal writers is a key focus for this website and we are always looking for quality content. You are welcome to send a query if you are uncertain about whether your article will be accepted or not. If you're comfortable sending your material in, please ensure it follows these guideline's:

1. Shorter articles ranging from 200-400 work best for our Monthly Newsletter and site both. Tips or Narratives should also fall within this word count.

2. Longer articles ranging from 500-1000 words are accepted for publication on the web site only.

3. Whenever possible, include links to your references and other sites of interest to our readers.

4. Write in an engaging, consise and informative way. Make it something you would like to read.

5. A bio and any links to your own site are required to accompany your article.

6. We reserve the right to edit material for length and grammar when necessary.

7. Material that does not address journaling, writing or material relevant to this audience will not be accepted.

8. Material that contains profanity, sexism, racism and any 'ism' we deem inappropriate will not be accepted.

Now having stated our requirements, there's good news and bad. First the bad. Creative-Journal is not able to provide monetary compensation for your work at this time. As a writer, this can be upsetting however the site is still new-born and as it grows, things will change in this department.

Now, the good news. What we can do is add to your writing portfolio of published credits, get your name out, make you available to potential publishers who can pay via your email link and website if you have one. Of course, there is the unseen compensation. Appreciation from our readers brings more reward than what can ever be measured.

Please send your queries and articles to the Editor at Submissions

All contents 2001, Corinne Pratz unless otherwise noted. "Creative-Journal" "" and "Achieving Growth One Word At A Time" are trademarks of Corinne Pratz.