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Gratitude Journal
Bernadine Sevy ©2001

I have always easily seen, the "half empty glass" rather than the "half full one". And so a year ago I started my Gratitude journal. I turned to the middle of my regular journal and wrote Gratitude Journal at the top of the page and then each day, either before or after writing in my journal, I would make a list of things that I was grateful for, ending with the date. When I was morning sick one day I even listed that, because I had learned that morning sickness is a sign of a healthy pregnancy.

Sometimes, my entries are a little tongue in cheek, "sleep - since I am becoming an insomniac" and sometimes they are humorous, "goats in their pen" but most of the time they are filled with many little things to be grateful for. The little things that you think of, because you'd have nothing else to write if you didn't, are the things that support my day. I have come to learn that those little things, the mundane things, are the ones I miss the most when they aren't there like "children's Advil" ", "libraries", "Jim mopping the floor when I got done canning" or "shoelaces".

One of the most rewarding things about my gratitude journal is rereading it on a bad day, doubt and fear seem to flee like mists before the suns rays and I am immediately filled with hope and a desire to try harder. There are repetitions in my Gratitude journal, not because I forgot I had already written it down, but because I truly am grateful for my "dryer", "children" or "Husband". I believe that everyone should keep a Gratitude Journal, none of us a truly grateful enough, I think that we can all use an awakening to how much we really have.

Bernadine Sevy is the mother of, soon to be, 9 children. She lives on a little farm and raises Children, Peruvian Paso horses and Nubian goats.

She and her husband produce a website for "above average families" at:

All contents 2001, Corinne Pratz unless otherwise noted. "Creative-Journal" "" and "Achieving Growth One Word At A Time" are trademarks of Corinne Pratz.