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Talk to Yourself
Corinne Pratz © 2001

If you find it tough to find the time to sit down and write in your journal, you might want to try voicing your entry! Armed with a small tape recorder, you can take your journaling with you wherever you go.

It can feel rather awkward to talk out loud when no one else is there, but it really does become easier with time. I began to use a recorder when I was planning business meetings. I would ramble away about the things I wanted to remember to bring up. Before too long, I got comfortable with the sound of my own voice and I started to talk about my feelings outside of business.

An unexpected bonus that came from this was I began to find it easier to talk with others, especially about my emotions. Somehow the process of speaking out loud allowed me to recognize my feelings more and to know that the sky wouldn't really fall in if I spoke my mind to someone else. I began to open up more.

A mini-recorder can take everything from thoughts and ideas to full blown journal entries. It can be your best friend when you're travelling somewhere, even though the guy in the car beside you will think you're nuts talking to yourself. Places like the bathtub or in the car are ideal as the computer or your journal book can't be used there.

Expect to feel silly at first! It happens when you try something different. But in time you will find it easier and easier to speak into that little black box. You can save your tapes or transcribe them, whatever you prefer. When you take one of these with you, your journal is a mere click away.

CJ's Weekly Poll - April #1
Have you ever used a tape recorder for your journaling?

No, but I think I will give it a try.

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