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Keeping A Journal The Old Fashioned Way!
Corinne Pratz

While many journalers are making use of journaling software and online resources that see them typing their words on keyboards, they may not know what they're missing!

There are several reasons to work your journal with a good old fashioned pen and paper. Here's a few:

The Book

The place you record your thoughts, experiences, feelings and dreams is a very special one indeed. Selecting the one that is just right for you can not only be a fun process, it can be a treasured experience. You may prefer something simple like a scribbler or a binder with some loose-leaf or you may find a hardcover, bound book more to your liking. Ensure that what you choose has room to move your hand across the page without feeling crowded. You should be able to write freely and as large as you like. Creating your own journal can be an extremely rewarding process that is richly personal and tailored to your needs. Be sure to check back or sign up for our free newsletter to read more about this when the article is published.

The Pen

Using a special pen that feels good in your hand, rolls smoothly on the page and is colored the way you like it makes a big difference in the writing process. Try several out and when you find one that feels right, keep it with your journal for this specific purpose only.

The Paper

If you want to ensure that your journals writing keeps for generations to come, be sure that the paper you use is acid-free. Better quality paper isnt much more money and your pages wont become brittle, yellow, crack or fade with age.

The Process

There is rhythm when you write and the kinesthetic value is immeasurable. As your hand moves across the page, a flow is created and this flow is inadvertently transferred to the creative flow within you. Thoughts, feelings and ideas will flow forward as you move.


You can take a journal with you everywhere. This can provide you with the opportunity to jot things down whenever you want. You can take your journal to lunch, on holiday, to the office anywhere.


For some people, keeping a journal on a computer means risking uninvited reading by others. When you use a book, you can hide it, lock it up or keep it with you. This can feel much safer for many!
This is not to say that computer-driven journals are not the way to go! For some people, it has been the catalyst to getting them into the writing process. And it feels right.
Thats the key. As a journaler you have to choose the method that sees you writing comfortably and regularly.

© 2001 Corinne Pratz

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All contents 2001, Corinne Pratz unless otherwise noted. "Creative-Journal" "" and "Achieving Growth One Word At A Time" are trademarks of Corinne Pratz.