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Creating Your Own Perfect Journal
Corinne Pratz © 2001

Finding the right journaling book for you isn't always an easy task! Do you pick hard-bound, soft-bound, coiled, not coiled, pretty, plain, small, large, lined pages or blank, scribbler, duotang or binder? Decisions! Decisions!

If you just can't make up your mind, perhaps you need to make your own. And why not? It's easy and fun. In fact, it can be a 'journaling process' all it's own. All you need are some materials you probably have kicking around the house, a little glue and time to let your creativity flow.

Making your own book is a matter of finding something sturdy like cardboard for the cover, paper for the inside, a sturdy backing (more cardboard), a hole puch and something to string it all together. Yarn, ribbon, string or even individual metal binder rings from a local stationary shop will all do the job. This can be a wonderful way to create your perfect journal as you determine the size, page number, colors and cover design. There are blank types of scrapbooks and notebooks that can work for you as well if you prefer to skip the manufacturing element. A coiled scribbler, binder or duotang will suffice.

Once you decided on this area, you can move on to creatively personalizing your journal. Here are some decorating ideas you might want to consider:

- magazine pictures
- your own drawings
- snips of words or phrases from magazines that are special to you
- photos
- dried pressed flowers
- rhinestones and sequins
- buttons
- ribbons
- feathers
- handwritten notes
- postage stamps
- letters you've received
- stickers
- old greeting cards
- wallpaper
- rubber stamps

The list goes on and on. The idea is to decorate with things that resonate for you personally. Other things you might want to try are:

- using homemade paper (especially for the cover)
- collaging with several different items
- using multi-colored pens, pencil crayons or gel pens
- combining lined paper with blank inside
- using different colored paper inside
- using a book that you can add to such as one you make, a photo album or a binder

Protecting your design and cover can be done by picking up some clear contact paper at any hardware or department store. It's inexpensive and will put a strong plastic-like coating atop your creation.

There are an infinite number of places on the net where you can find pictures, borders and ideas galore. Here are a few of my favorite places to find this kind of stuff:

Be sure you have some fun with this. Creating the perfect journal for you can take several sittings but the end result is so worth it!

If you have a journal that you've made, please send a pic (gif or jpeg) of the cover to us! Show your stuff and we'll feature it here.

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All contents 2001, Corinne Pratz unless otherwise noted. "Creative-Journal" "" and "Achieving Growth One Word At A Time" are trademarks of Corinne Pratz.