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Home Walk
Corinne Pratz © 2001

When everything was packed up and loaded into the moving van, I had to go back in. Just for a moment or so I thought. I was so exhaused and definitely sick of the whole moving process. Yet, I felt pulled back into the place that had been my home for the past several years.

Strange how a house that had been bustling with life and full of things only days before could become so hollow. My footsteps echoed and I was struck my the realization that this empty space was no longer my 'home'.

So much had happened there! I carried two of my children into the living room that first day back from the hospital when they were just born and welcomed them to their first home. Cups of hot coffee and the occasional box of donuts had been shared with dear friends at the table in the kitchen. Tears of grief had flown in my bedroom as I saw my marriage collapse. And I had changed there. Become stronger, older and better. I had learned to be more of who I really was. There were times of joy, agony, defeat, victory, love and even hate. All within those walls.

I was so excited about the move and new house. It felt like a fresh new beginning somehow and I was more than ready for it. Yet, at that moment I stood in the barren living room I knew I needed to express myself. I felt driven to record the events.

I always kept paper and a pen in my purse. Before long, I was sitting on the floor in the empty house and I began to write. And write and write. I wrote about the first time I stepped into the house and about the things that had happened in the time I had lived there. That saying about, "If walls could talk..." - well, talk they did! And I wrote every single word down.

Not only was this an extremely healing experience for me, it brought closure. I was better able to move forward and into the future without looking back as much.

Your home is an intimate expression of you. Your likes, dislikes, feelings about yourself and those who share this space are all evident. There are memories within each and every inch of each and every room. Chances are you'll feel more connected to some rooms than to others.

This journaling technique takes time and movement but it can be spread over the course of several writings. If you use a computer diary, you'll need to break your usual habit and use some paper and a pen for this one. You probably can't (or aren't into) lugging your system with you from room to room.

You'll need a time where you can be alone in the space you are going to write in. Choose a room. Any room. Sit down on the floor with your writing tools and look around for a few moments. Try to feel the energy of the room. Note the colors, the physical condition, the decor.

Then write. Talk about your immediate impressions. Do you like this room? Why or why not? What is it used for? Whose room is it? What thoughts come to mind right away? What memories do you have in this specific room?

Don't leave any room unexplored. Write in the bathroom, the kitchen, the kid's rooms, the basement and your own room. Consider hallways, front steps, decks and other places your frequent. Each space holds impressions and memories. Discover them all.

If you want to explore your past, go back to other homes you've had and walk through in your mind. Mentally sit in the rooms and write your thoughts and feelings. Let the walls talk to you.

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All contents 2001, Corinne Pratz unless otherwise noted. "Creative-Journal" "" and "Achieving Growth One Word At A Time" are trademarks of Corinne Pratz.
Home Walk