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Walk About
Corinne Pratz © 2001

WordNet describes the term "Walk About" as a walking trip or tour; a public stroll by a celebrity to meet people informally; or (Australia) nomadic excursions into the bush made by an Aborigine.

I became first intrigued by this idea after I read a book where the main character had become permanently changed from a walk-about. The character ventures into the deserts of Australia and experiences a great deal. I thought the whole notion of wandering off with no specific destination, no maps and no time constraints very appealing. And while I still have not made it to Australia as yet, I have found the power of a simple walk-about just outside my front door.

It does not matter where you live or how long you have been there. There is always something new to see and experience. If you have ever heard yourself say, "I've lived here for years! How is it I never noticed that?" you know what I mean.

Going on a walk-about is easy. You just head out the door and walk. Where ever you feel like going and in what ever direction that suits you is all the planning there is. Just walk. And see. And listen. Notice all that is around you - the colors, the air temperature, the people. You can take your journal with you and decide to write at some point in your journey or you can write when you return home. The choice is yours. I always like to take mine just in case.

If you plan on making it a longer excursion, be sure to take a compass and other necessities. You aren't going to feel like writing if you wind up lost in the bush! Your walk-about can be a stroll along the downtown shop windows or a mountain hike. Explore the possiblities!

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