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Unsent Letters
Corinne Pratz © 2001

Most often our journals will focus on conversations with ourselves. We write about our lives, what's happening, relationships, struggles, victories, feelings and more. Through writing there is insight, acknowledgement and even solutions to be had.

Yet, because our lives are so intermixed with the people around us there can be times when the need to address people directly occurs. Writing a letter to someone who is alive or deceased, a part of your life now or someone from your past, can free you.

When relationships end, there is often unfinished business. Thoughts and feelings can anchor things so deeply within that you are unable to truly feel closure and move forward in your life. Writing a letter to the person involved can give you the chance to say all that you've kept silent and in many ways, allow you to find peace.

Even those relationships that are current can be seen in a different light when you write about your feelings and thoughts in a direct way to the person involved in your journal. The point is not to send the letter but to express yourself for clarity, understanding and insight. Often when there is conflict with someone, writing a letter first can help you to pinpoint exactly what it is that you need to address.

Writing a letter in this way can be very therapeutic. You have the chance to say anything and everything, without worry of how your words would be received. Many groups that are dedicated to healing use this as a strategy when trying to overcome rage from abusers, grief from loss or regrets.

The night before last, I lost one of the best friends I have ever known. I did not have the chance to say goodbye or to express my love and appreciation one last time. I turned to writing an "unsent letter" for expression and healing. I share that with you here.

My dear sweet Norm,

I cannot believe you are gone. Even as I write this letter, my mind reels with confusion and disbelief. But as I look about the house and to all your favorite places, you are not there and the reality hits me once again. You are gone.

I have cherished every single moment with you. There has never been a time when I couldn't count on you to be there for me. You brought such comfort, joy, love and laughter to my life! You came into my life at a time when I was hurting so deeply inside. I had lost my father to cancer. And I had lost other things. I stopped crying the day you came.

To most everyone you were "just a cat". How they underestimated you! You weren't just an anything. You were my cherished and beloved friend. Other than my journal, there was no one I could share in the way I shared with you. And even though we never spoke the same language, there was a deep understanding. You always knew when I needed comfort. I always knew when you needed it. We shared a special connection.

Sure, I have five other cats. But none could ever come close to you, Norm. I love them but not in the same way. Through your unconditional acceptance and whacky ways, you taught me how to be a better person. You showed me that I could get over pain and that I could find joy once again. You taught me the incredible delight in giving (and spoiling) you and the special people in my life. You showed me how to love deeper and more expressively.

At night when I try to sleep, I miss you sleeping on my head as you always have since the first day when you were a wee kitten. How I would giggle when you would bite my head if I talked when you were trying to sleep or if I snored too loud! When I work, I miss the way you guarded my laptop as another "cat" and would lay between me and my computer and gently bite my arm to get my attention. I miss the way you would mew in the certain way that told me you wanted a dish of cream all to yourself. And oddly enough, I will miss having to shoo you out of my flower beds and plants because you liked to rub against them. And then the "gifts" you brought me - well, maybe I won't miss cleaning up feathers!

You know, Norm, I have cried until I don't think there's any more tears left. I anguish over losing you so suddenly and so unexpectedly. I wish for the day when the image of your tiny lifeless body leaves my memory. But then I think of how much we gave each other in the short time you were here. And I can't help but smile because we really made the most of every minute.

You will always be alive in my heart and a treasured family member. Time will never change this, my guy. I want to say thank you one last time for all you have given me. I want to tell you that I love you one last time. I will always miss you my friend. Rest well.

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