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Written Prompts
Corinne Pratz © 2001

Written prompts are at the heart of what Creative-Journal is about. Simply, they are questions, fill-in-the-blank sentences or finish-the-sentence prompts. They are open-ended motivators that do not have a right or wrong answer. In fact, everyone's answer is sure to be different.

The key to making them work at their best, is to read the prompt and respond instantly with the first thing that comes to your mind and with absolute abandon. Such responses can unlock the areas of your life that are most prevelant, even when you don't realize it. While meditating about the prompt can work well for some, you are better to write spontaneously if you have a tendency to censor your writing.

Prompts work to release your flow of thought and feeling. Don't just stop at one sentence or two. Write until there is no more left to write. Exhaust the prompt.

The beauty of written prompts is that they never get old. The same prompt you answered yesterday can work with a completely different answer on another day. Dynamic lives lead to changing answers!

You can read a new prompt in your email every day by subscribing to our Daily Newsletter. Just use the one-click form on the sidebar. Also, there are many available in our archives. Click on the "Back-Issues" button to see these.

There are a few other places we found on the web that offer prompts as well and have added them here for you to check out:

Elementary Prompts While some of these are certainly written for children, we thought they were all great and thought invoking!

Pool of Prompts Wow - this is an incredible resource!

Computer Lover's Prompts There are prompts for everything!

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