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Visual Prompts
Corinne Pratz © 2001

We are flooded with visual sensory material every second of every day. Even when we dream, there are images. The key to using Visual Prompts is to focus on one single image and to write about your impressions, thoughts and feelings. Pictures can invoke memories and many items are highly symbolic. Pictures are the Universal Language.

You can select an image from any number of sources. Look at something in your house, spot something outside, flip through a magazine or visit our Visual Prompts Gallery. Even an image on the television or one from a photo album can work fine. Using mental imagery, recalling an image in your memory, can get you writing. Take notice of what is around you and write about it.

Using visual prompts is easy. You can take two approaches:

Spontaneous Writing

Look at the image and write the first thoughts, feelings and ideas that come to your mind. The first thing you might start with is an opinion about the picture - do you like it? Move onto whatever comes and write to your heart's content.

Meditative Writing

This usually takes a little more time. Look at the image for a while and then close your eyes and allow the natural flow of thoughts, emotions and desires surface. This method can work well if the image invokes a memory. Just allow yourself to 'feel' the image and then write, write, write!

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