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Time Line
Corinne Pratz © 2001

This technique focuses on recording the events of your life. Creating a Time-Line can take you a long time to complete, but it is so worth it!

What's the point? Well, it is amazing how much we forget as the days and years pass by. Accomplishments, heartaches, monumental times and experiences easily slip into the recesses of our memories. A Time-Line brings everything back to you and the experience of doing this can be incredible.

Doing this gives you the chance to really look at your life and all that you have done. The process invokes long forgotten moments and insight into patterns and cycles you have.

Start by listing every year from the one you were born in to the present. You may need several pages and be sure to leave room to write after each year.

Start filling in your Time-Line by putting in known information such as:

I was born
Started school
Starting work at _______.
Got married to _______.
Had my first child _________.
Got divorced
Went to college
And so on

Don't try to fill the Time-Line in from start to finish as this is very difficult. Just let your mind ramble through the events you recall the strongest and chart them in. If you have records (birth, death, etc) refer to them for the year if need be.

As you do this, you are sure to remember more and more events. Add them. For those that you cannot recall the year for, jot them on a separate piece of paper so that you can add them once the year is recalled.

Of course, you can always ask someone who might know the date if you aren't sure. No one is going to mark your Time-Line for accuracy, so don't stress too much over this. This is something to do for yourself.

Add in such things as:

Had sex for the first time
Went out on my first date
Had a nervous breakdown
Celebrated turning ____ years old
Ran away from home
Realized that _____
Started to feel happy with _____
And so on

Significant events within your family that impacted you should also go in such as:

My son started school
My mom got a divorce
Aunt Jo was diagnosed with cancer
My best friend moved
And so on

It might take you a long time to fill in your Time-Line. Keep it near you so you can add things as you recall them.

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