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Emotion Personfication
Corinne Pratz © 2001

Understanding our own emotions and the reactions we have to various things is a journey and a half - perhaps one that takes a lifetime. This technique can give you a whole new insight into your feelings.

The key is to single out one emotion such as anger, happiness, envy, or whatever. Turn that emotion into a person. Create an entire character that suits your feeling. Consider what the emotion looks like, what gender it is, what colors are involved. Give it a name if you like. Then consider the role it has in your life. What purpose does the emotion serve? What are the benefits of it? What are the downfalls? Consider how well you and the emotion interact. Do you feel comfortbale with the feeling? What kind of relationship do you have with it?

Start of with: "I am (your name)'s _________." Then let yourself just write.

Here's a part of one of mine for an example:

"I am Corinne's anger. I am vibrant and alive with oranges, reds and yellows, like fire. I can be as small as a pea or as enourmous as the greatest mountain. For many years, she often denied my existence. She saw me as the enemy and one that could destroy her and so she strived to keep me small and silent. But I am not one to be silent! Now she sees me as a trusted friend, at last. After all, I am the one who signalls to her that something isn't right for her. I let her know that her needs are not being met or that she is being violated in some way. I am the greatest of protectors for her and when she listens to me, things improve for her....."

There are so many emotions that can be explored in this way and the growth that occurs from exploring your feeling in this way can be incredible.

For a list of emotions (I brainstormed as many as I could think of), go to

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