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Journaling Discussion Groups

Online Journal Resources

Historical Journals Online

Counselling Professionals and Coaches

Other Professionals

Self-Improvement and Motivation

Editor's Fun Picks

Other Journaling Sites

Magazines and Books

Journaling Discussion Groups

Journal Writing - This list is for anyone interested in keeping any type of journal and for personal inspiration. It is about personal growth, self-exploration and motivation through journal writing. We share thoughts and ideas about journaling and we share inspirational quotes, poems, stories, writing prompts to get writing started and help uplift our members. Feel free to share your thoughts and writing, no matter what type.

Owner and Co-Moderator's Comment - "I've never met a more supporting, caring group of people. We share everything from our daily trials, to our deepest thoughts, with no judgement, just support. We share our journals and our lives."

Journal Writing Discussion Group

Journals and You - This is a list dedicated to journaling as a means for personal growth and self knowledge - an exploration of how and why people journal.

List Owners Comment - Come on board and share with us how you got started keeping a journal, favorite journaling books, and difficulties in your journaling that you're looking for ideas about how to deal with. Old and new journalers welcome. We're a varied group interested in relevant posts on journaling. Try us out!

Editor's Comment - This is a moderated discussion group that requires the owner's approval however, this is truly to your advantage. This owner keeps the conversation focused specifically on Journaling. Very supportive and informative group here!

Journals and You

OnLine Journal Resources

Diarist.Net - If you are looking for the perfect online journal for you, this is definitely the place to go. There are lists of every kind of journal group and site to be had.

This site hosts email, contests, prompts and a message forum. Even if you just want to do a little reading, this place has it. Be sure to visit the links section - there's a lot of info there!

Historical Journals Online

Anne Frank - If you're a fan of this remarkable young girl's experience during WWII's Holocaust, this is a must visit site. You'll find plenty of information as well as excerpts from her famous diary.

Albert Underwood - Written by a young artillery soldier during the Civil War from 1864-1865. From Indiana, this diary talks of his experiences during this turbulent time as he travelled across the country with his infantry. It certainly gives readers far more insight into this kind of experience.

George Washington - Fascinating reading from the United States' first President and revolutionary soldier.

The American South Historical Diaries - With approximately 182 diaries from men and women from the Southern States during historical times, this site is an incredible find. Diaries from all walks of life are here to learn from and be inspired with.

Australian War Diaries - This is a great collection of diaries for gaining insight into Australia's war-torn.

Reverend Alexander Blaikie - This diary written in 1835 talks of his travels across the US in search of "Black Hawk and Keokuk and their Indians". He talks much about the conditions at this time.

Sarah Cordelia Wright - Daughter of John Grant Wright and Catherine Price Holloway Wright, this 1853 diary was copied and annotated by the diarist's granddaughter, Annie Hoge Lockett in December 1949.

Benjamin Franklin - Read about this great historical figure's trip to Paris from 1776-1785 in his own words.

American Historical Diaries - This site is truly a jackpot of historical American documents, diaries, essays, speechs, trials and more. This is a fantastic site!

Elvis Presley - Wander through some 1666 journal entries from the King written from 1954-78.

Theodore Roosevelt - Three very personal journal entries from this US president from 1880-1884 concerning his first wife. The best thing about this visit is you get to see the actual pages!

Bobby Sands - On May 5th, 1981 after having completed sixty-five days on hunger-strike, Bobby Sands MP, died in the H-Block prison hospital at Long Kesh. He kept a diary for the first seventeen days which was written on toilet paper in biro pen and had to be hidden, mostly carried inside his own body. His bio is at Bobby Sands.

Syms Covington - Read entries from this assistant to Charles Darwin Esq. on the Second Voyage of the HMS Beagle written from December 1831 - September 1836.

Sir Joseph Banks - This longest standing President of the Royal Society, this legend successfully lobbied the Royal Society to be included on what was to be James Cook's first great voyage of discovery, on board the Endeavour. These papers are written between 1762 and 1822.

Counselling Professionals and Coaches

Heart to Heart Coaching - Cynthia Christianson is a personal and professional coach specializing in Creative Artists, Educators, Fibromyalgia, Homemakers, Parents, Performing Artists and Restoratives. She also offers a free newsletter.

"I provide a free introductory session of individual coaching to you or anyone you know. This will give you a taste of how nice it feels to be supported and listened to. I'll show you how to discover within yourself what you really want so that you can become the creative force in your own life."

Heart to Heart Coaching

5 Passions - Julie Jordon Scott, coach, writer and speaker, offers a great deal on this site. There are warm, engaging articles, tips, quizzes and more to experience. One of the neat things about this site is you can enter into Chat with Julie with a click of a button (providing she's not out making speeches).

5 Passions

Other Professionals

Ask Doc Trish - If you've ever walked out of the doctor's office thinking,"What does THAT mean?","What did the doctor just SAY?" or "How bad is it REALLY?", you can get the straight goods here. Dr. Patricia Loofbourrow (Doc Trish) offers an enormous amount of medical information here. You can ask her a question and she'll do her best to help you understand things. The best thing about what she does is she does it free.

Ask Doc Trish

Self-Improvement and Motivation

The Self Improvement Site - A rich resource for articles, tips, tools, products and programs on self improvement and personal growth. Their mission "is to encourage people to voluntarily share whatever expertise, knowledge, wisdom, anecdotes, stories, jokes, and information that they may have with others so as to empower them and to enrich their lives. By taking advantage of the Internet technology, we are now able to make a difference not just to the people around us, but also to those we do not know."

Live a Life You Love - If you're looking for motivational products, courses and more, this is a good place to start. The free newsletter is full of informative reading and there are archives you can enjoy while there.

Editor's Fun Picks

Space-Guy.Com - It doesn't matter if you're an astronomical whiz or you can't tell your nebula from your Neptune, this is a fun and informative site to visit. The site and free newsletter are entertaining to read. And just because it's my hubby that runs it, doesn't mean I'm biased. Really. :)

Other Journaling Sites

WZ.Com - This is a brand new site with plenty to check out!

Women's Journals - Exercises and plenty to explore are here.

Magazines and Books

Personal Journaling Magazine - A print magazine with incredibly excellent resources and ideas

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