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Current Survey

Surveys and Polls are not only interesting, they're helpful. For me as a webmaster, they help me to gauge how I am doing in providing you with helpful information and enjoyment while you are here. For you, you can see how many others feel the same way as you do. And how many don't. I appreciate every single vote! Here's our current poll. If you haven't voted your opinion yet, do so. It's just a click.

Here's our current Poll:

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Curious about previous survey and poll results? Here are the results!

From CJ's Weekly Poll - June/July:

On A Scale of 1-10 (1 Being the Lowest) How Much of A Risk Taker Do You Consider Yourself To Be?

2% said - 0 (I never take risks)
6% said - 1
5% said - 2
11% said - 3
14% said - 4
15% said - 5
9% said - 6
17% said - 7
17% said - 8
5% said - 9
2% said - 10
0% said - 10+ (I live for risk!)

Here's your comments:

"there are some areas of my life where I am more open to taking risks - when only my well being is at stake for instance I am more willing to go for the brass ring."

"Although I consider myself a risk taker there are certain situations I would never take risks. Driving being one of them. But when it comes to oppurtunites that could benefit me I will take a considerable risk just to be sure I could take that opportunity."

From CJ's Weekly Poll - June #1:

How Creative Do You Consider Yourself to Be?

41% said - Extremely
48% said - Fairly
9% said - Sometimes
2% said - Sort of
0% said - Rarely
0% said - Not at all

Here's your comments:

"I think there is a long ways between Fairly and Extremely."

"I think we journalists are a shy lot, afraid to toot our own horn. I am guilty too - Actually I think I am extremely creative but that's not how I voted = )"

From CJ's Weekly Poll - May #2:

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best), how well are you able to VERBALLY communicate?

5% said - 1
2% said - 2
10% said - 3
7% said - 4
17% said - 5
2% said - 6
17% said - 7
31% said - 8
7% said - 9
2% said - 10

From CJ's Weekly Poll - April #3:

Do you let another person/others read your journal?

86% said - No.
14% said - Yes.

From CJ's Weekly Poll - April #2:

What do you do with your finished journals?

12% said - I get rid of them.
49% said - I keep them in a box or container in my house.
5% said - I place them in storage.
22% said - I have them laying all over the place.
2% said - I use them for other purposes such as memoir writing.
0% said - I bring them out on holidays and read outloud to the gang.
0% said - I transcribe them.
0% said - I have them but I have arrangements for them in the event that I cannot take care of them myself.
10% said - Other and left a comment

Here's your comments:

"I hide them. I had a bad experience when I was a child and can't seem to get over it. I'm trying to learn how to keep a journal (everything in one place). I fear someone will read it, and as you said it is very very personal."

"they sit on a shelf in a row, like soldiers"

"I use Life Journal, a software program which has a password to get in so my privacy is forever protected."

"I have always wondered what to do with my 'finished' journals....I can't bear to throw them out but I have RARELY opened any up and re-read or harvested from them..."

"For publication 50 years after reincarnation."

"Since I live alone, owned by two cats, I'm not too worried about them reading my deepest thoughts. "

From CJ's Weekly Poll - April #1:

Have you ever used a tape recorder for your journaling?

56% said no
16% said yes
28% said no, but they thought they would give it a try

Here's a comment:

"My creativity seems to flow best from my fingers to the keyboard."

From CJ's Weekly Poll - March #4:

Have you ever thought of writing your memoirs?

15% said no
46% said yes
38% said they're already writing them

Here's a comment:

"I'm so happy your site exists. THANK YOU! :-)"

From CJ's Weekly Poll - March #3:

How balanced do you feel your life is?

45% said not my life!
23% said they thought it may have happened once or twice
18% said about half of the time
14% said it was for the most part
0% said it was always balanced

Here's a comment::

"I keep trying!"

From CJ's Weekly Poll - March #2:

Do you think journal writing helps keep you well?

72% said absolutely
24% said they weren't sure but they thought it might
4% said no way

From CJ's Weekly Poll - March #2:

How much do you censor your journal writing?

25% said they don't as they feel free to write openly all the time
25% said they sometimes find they censor their writing
30% said it's rare but it does happen
15% said most of the time
5% said they always censor their writing

From the anonymous survey:

How many years have you kept a journal?

41% said less than a year
12% said more than a year but less than 9
35% said more than 10 years
12% said ever since they could hold a pencil

When do you like to write?

12% said always in the morning
12% said mostly in the morning
71% said they had no set time and write when the mood hits

How often do you write?

24% said every day
12% said at least 4 days per week
24% said 2-4 times per week
41% said they write off and on with no set pattern

Have you ever had someone read your journal without permission?

47% said yes
41% said no
12% said they were not sure but suspected so

Do you use prompts to write with?

71% said yes
29% said no

Have you ever read someone else's journal uninvited?

29% said yes
71% said no

From a Poll:

What kind of book do your use for your journal?

23% said they used a scribbler/notebook
37% said they used a store bought book
3% said they used a binder
3% said they used a duotang
3% said they used a photo album
3% said they used a scrap book
7% said they used loose pages - no book
7% said they used one they made themselves
13% said other

Here are some comments from Poll Takers:

"I'm using just a plain sketchbook at the moment... I hate writing on lined pages."

"It's a kid's diary with no dates - just colored pages with lines in it and a ribbon place marker. I love writing it is because it brings back memories of my childhood."

From a Poll:

What kinds of things do you like to do in your journal?

18% said they just write
12% said they doodle
6% said they do artwork
12% said they use different colored pens
10% said they add photos
10% said they add letters
6% said they add newspaper clippings
6% said they add magazine clippings
2% said they add clipped pictures from magazines etc.
4% said they make collages
6% said they decorate the pages
0% said they color the pages
7% said other

Here are some comments from Poll Takers:

"I type it in on my PC and save it to a file on a disk. These pages can then be printed out and inserted into my original journal, along with hand-written entries. This way I can manage to keep them sequential, even when I write while on vacation."

Updated April 08, 2001

All contents 2001, Corinne Pratz unless otherwise noted. "Creative-Journal" "" and "Achieving Growth One Word At A Time" are trademarks of Corinne Pratz.