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Journaling Techniques
Corinne Pratz © 2001

Perhaps writing in your journal comes readily and easily for you. You put the pen to the paper or your hands on the keyboard and the words just burst forth. Or maybe not.

If you struggle and fight for every single word, not knowing what the heck to write about, this article can point you towards well traveled techniques that other journalers have found extremely helpful.

And for those of you who enjoy trying new and exciting ways to explore your inner self, grow and learn, there's plenty here for you as well.

Click on the technique that appeals to you or explore them all. You'll find the method to each technique plus any relevant links for some that can help you further.

Home Walk

Walk About

Using Astrology


Written Prompts

Visual Prompts

Emotion Personification

Webbing/MindMapping/Brainstorming Coming Soon!

Unsent Letters Coming Soon!

Dream Journaling Coming Soon!

Event Journaling Coming Soon!

Single Word Prompts Coming Soon!

Time Line Coming Soon!

Family History Coming Soon!

Doodling and Drawing Coming Soon!

Collages Coming Soon!

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