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This Week's Visual Prompts

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"I love the daily journaling prompts. They direct me each day so I can focus and get something written down rather than staring at the blank page and wondering what I should write for the day. If there is something very significant going on in my life that day, I write on that instead, but your writing prompts sure do get my pen going on those days when my brain isn't feeling very creative. Thanks!" Peggy

From a Creative-Journal newsletter subscriber: "I'm really enjoying your daily question." Angela

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Using Images to Write

Truly a picture is worth a thousand words - and then some! An image can invoke strong emotions, desires and memories. Creative-Journal will bring three images to you every week to bring out more in your writing.

Using visual prompts is easy. You can take two approaches:

Spontaneous Writing

Look at the image and write the first thoughts, feelings and ideas that come to your mind. The first thing you might start with is an opinion about the picture - do you like it? Move onto whatever comes and write to your heart's content.

Meditative Writing

This usually takes a little more time. Look at the image for a while and then close your eyes and allow the natural flow of thoughts, emotions and desires surface. This method can work well if the image invokes a memory. Just allow yourself to 'feel' the image and then write, write, write!

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